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What To Say On Camera

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You're making moves.


You want to make video content for your brand...


I'm with it. 



Let's get this straight. Your ability to build a freakin’ business is proof that you have an audience, expertise, and the charisma to be great on camera. 

That's why I made this cheat sheet and video super short. The more you have to study, the more you start to overthink. 

I want you to press record today. 


You DON'T need to buy any fancy equipment, or hire a professional to make bangin' videos for your brand.

The ideas are already right in front of you. Use the cheatsheet to structure one of your ideas and put the camera on your face. 

In today's digital world, video content is everything for your brand. Since you're a savvy business owner, you know that if you're not using it, your competitors are the one's getting all the attention. 

Video gives your brand personality to separate yourself from the pack. 

Here's the the coolest thing about it: EVERYONE can do it and you don't need anything more than your ideas and a smart phone.

You know why video, from Instagram stories to YouTube, especially featuring you and your knowledge and your personality, is one of the quickest way to build that “Know Like & Trust” factor that will attract the right people and turn views into loyal customers.

Whether you own digital product, course, or just want to show your expertise to a specific community (to eventually sell a product),  you have an abundance of knowledge on a subject and a bunch of video content waiting to happen.

What's stopping you? 

Stop playin' and download:

WHAT TO SAY ON CAMERA you can step on the gas and go full throttle in the right direction with your video content.  

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"Anyone can make a pretty picture, not everyone can tell a story the way Boyder can."
Danny Corey, Filmmaker
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"All praises due to Boyd."
Pharrell (watch us in studio
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"Tom always makes it easier to be on camera.  Don't tell him I said that though."
Kristy Stenson, Model
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Hi. I'm Tom Boyd.  The internet calls me Boyder.

I eat a lot of yams and I dress like I'm about to play a pick up basketball game at all times. 

As a content creator and entrepreneur, I produce videos for a big brand and do consult for artists and influencers. I also help entrepreneurs BE their very own video producers and shine on camera. 

Sometimes I work in front of the camera as talent. Sometimes I'm behind the camera as a director. Both of those experiences have given me A LOT of insight on how to be a great storyteller.

I love what I do and the opportunities that have came as a result of being on camera. 

My goal is to help people like you, with really cool business ideas, build relationships with customers, clients and fans (you can call friends). 

There was a time when I felt so incredibly awkward on camera that I wore a mask to hide who I was.

Eventually, out of necessity and through some advice (*more like interventions) from friends, I learned my own style and started to "own my awkwardness" on camera.

As a result, I have created new business opportunities, clients, and even some of my best friends from the content I've produced.  

Camera equipment will just continue to get better and be more and more affordable, but it's still up to YOU to tell the story and make a connection through video. 

That's where the real competition comes into play. That's where I am here to help. 

I'm stoked at the opportunity to help you make those valuable connections by creating your own on camera brand.  

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